ALIBABA 99.130 14:45 31.10 AUD/JPY 98.573 14:45 31.10 EUR/USD 1.25042 14:45 31.10 DAX 9303.890 14:45 31.10 AUD/USD 0.87686 14:45 31.10 USD/JPY 112.416 14:45 31.10 ALIBABA 99.095 14:30 31.10 TEVA (US) 56.330 14:30 31.10 GOLD VS OIL 14.5402 14:30 31.10 AMAZON VS NETFLIX 0.77873 14:30 31.10 LINKEDIN VS TWITTER 5.4659 14:30 31.10 FACEBOOK VS TWITTER 1.77640 14:30 31.10 GOOGLE VS BAIDU 2.30947 14:30 31.10 AMAZON VS EBAY 5.8016 14:30 31.10 LINKEDIN VS FACEBOOK 3.0769 14:30 31.10 S&P 500 F VS NASDAQ F 0.4841 14:30 31.10 STOXX 50 F VS FTSE F 0.47580 14:30 31.10 DOLLAR INDEX F. 87.132 14:30 31.10 3M 154.080 14:30 31.10 BLACKBERRY 10.5050 14:30 31.10 OMX C20 756.0851 14:30 31.10 BMW 85.3650 14:30 31.10 SIEMENS AG 89.4450 14:30 31.10 DEUTSCHE BANK 24.7350 14:30 31.10 DAIMLER AG 62.2200 14:30 31.10 ALLIANZ SE 126.4000 14:30 31.10 USD/SEK 7.40397 14:30 31.10 EUR/SEK 9.25966 14:30 31.10 GBP/NZD 2.05018 14:30 31.10 CITIGROUP VS JP MORGAN CHASE 0.88607 14:30 31.10


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